Photo-14 TCF-Lizzie Dunn & K Wilson_1The MNC helps nonprofit employers find outstanding candidates for management positions. The MNC staff has worked for years in the nonprofit sector, so we understand how busy you are – we do everything we can to make your job posting process simple and effective.

Targeted Audience

We connect you with alumni and students at top-tier business schools committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector. Our postings are distributed through restricted-access listserves and password-protected websites, reducing your exposure to spam applications. The jobs are seen by MBAs actively seeking nonprofit opportunities as well as career center and alumni office staff who assist MBAs with nonprofit job searches.

Excellent Value

We help you tailor your announcement to appeal to an MBA audience and to comply with posting requirements that vary by business school. Posting jobs at individual business school websites can take hours, so reaching multiple schools with a single announcement allows you to use your recruiting resources more productively.

How It Works

When we receive your job announcement, we review it to make sure it meets our posting criteria, then reformat it to comply with partner school guidelines. After you approve the modified version, it is publicized through job banks and listserves at our Partner Schools.


Job postings are $175/listing. Volume discounts are available upon request. We will send an electronic invoice for credit card payments, or you may request a PDF invoice for payment by check.

Request a Job Posting

Please send your career job announcement, preferably in Microsoft Word, to We will review your listing and respond as promptly as possible, usually the same day.

Job Posting Criteria

  • Appropriate and challenging opportunity for a candidate with MBA skills
  • Salary of at least $70,000
  • A hiring process that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, national or ethnic origin, political beliefs, marital status, veteran status, or handicap
  • If your job has an application deadline, ideally it will be at least three weeks out from the day you send us the job, so the listing will be seen by as wide an audience as possible.

If the job is a good fit for our audience, we will revise the announcement to comply with business school posting guidelines. An “MNC-formatted” job is one page long (approximately 500 words) and includes a link to the full job description on your website (or website of recruiting firm). The listing needs to include a preferred start date (or at least a “start month”). We recommend setting an application deadline, ideally 3-4 weeks from your posting date. If you do not specify a deadline, many schools will use a default expiration date, varying from 1 to 3 months out.

Optional: If you would like us to post to Booth School of Business (University of Chicago) or Harvard Business School, you will need to provide salary information so we can select a specific salary range, as required by both schools. If you prefer not to share salary information, you can skip posting on these sites.

We will email the reformatted listing back to you for approval. After you sign off, we will send it out to our partner schools, and send you an invoice.


It is very difficult to retract positions or edit announcement details once a job has been posted. Please review your posting carefully and consider your hiring strategy BEFORE approving your announcement.

More Information

For more information about the Career Jobs Program, please contact us at or phone/text (415) 686-4506.