Since 1995, the MNC has partnered with business schools to offer students and alumni meaningful and engaging job opportunities in the nonprofit sector. Most business schools find that:

  • Nonprofits hire in small numbers, on a short time-frame (usually 1-3 months), and rarely take part in on-campus recruiting
  • Building recruiting relationships with nonprofits is much more time-consuming than working with corporations
  • Keeping up with yearly shifts in student interest from, for example, education to microfinance, is challenging

If you have students and alumni who want to use their skills and experience to benefit the nonprofit sector, we can help. Here’s how:

Career Jobs

We send our Partner Schools a steady flow of nonprofit management opportunities, year round. We serve as your proxy, screening for jobs that make use of MBA skills, and ensuring that employers are actively seeking job candidates with MBA degrees (or relevant advanced degrees). The jobs cover different functions (marketing, finance, etc.) and issue areas (environment, community development, etc.), as well as different regions of the country.

Tracking Alumni in Social-Impact Jobs

The MNC provides reports at four-month intervals that cumulatively help partner schools keep track of their alumni working for nonprofits or social-purpose for-profits.