Mission Accomplished!

July 1, 2018

Dear Friends,

We’re sad to close, but also proud because we’ve fulfilled our mission. When we started in 1995, few business schools had resources devoted to social-impact careers. Our goal was to help schools improve in that arena – supplementing rather than displacing their own efforts. We set out to create a recruiting pipeline between business schools and effective, inspiring social-change organizations.

Two+ decades later, virtually all leading business schools have dedicated career center and program staff who can advise MBAs on social-impact careers. The schools also have social entrepreneurship courses, internship funds, loan forgiveness programs, board matching programs, pro bono consulting groups, and much more. Today MBA students and alumni can confidently consider a range of social-impact roles that make good use of their skills, alongside the options they’ve always had in consulting, finance, etc.

Many nonprofits have noticed these changes and retooled their recruiting efforts accordingly. They increasingly welcome job candidates from a broad range of backgrounds, including those with management education and experience.

Over a 23-year period, the MNC posted hundreds of summer job listings and thousands of career job listings through its partner institutions. Now it’s easy to find MBAs across the nation using their considerable talents and energies to advance the work of social-impact organizations. We salute them and hope that many more business school students and alumni will follow in their footsteps.

~ The Board and Staff of The MBA-Nonprofit Connection